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School of Billiards.
Effective Training Method. Basics

School of Billiards is intended for billiards players and those who have just started or about to start.

This application contains 1.5+ hours of instructional video, complete with theoretical explanation and practical demonstration of exercises.

The video features an effective tried-and-true teaching method that performed extremely well at billiards schools and was successfully used for individual training lessons.

It offers a detailed description of the training process and provides a step-by-step guide from basic to advanced techniques. Unique exercises help to understand behavior of the balls on the billiards table.

Easy-to-understand video and clear explanations provide a perfect chance not only to learn how to play billiards but also to understand, to feel it.

This training method can be used for teaching pool, snooker and Russian billiards.

Following the instructions in this video you will definitely score a success in a very short time.

Table of Contents


A good stance prevents you from many possible mistakes while shooting. This section provides a step-by-step guide to acquiring the right stance. A good stance will help you to make accurate shots without getting tired.

About Training Process

You have to plan your training classes thoroughly to achieve best results. This section outlines the key points that help to make every minute of your training class effective.

Easy Ball Pocketing

Th section introduces one-ball exercises that help to develop basic shooting skills. Having acquired this technique you will be able to pocket the ball every time you shoot.

“Follow the Sun” Game

This game can be played at the initial stage of training process. It helps to acquire first strategic skills that will enable you to plan your future shots. The section describes different variants of the game – from the simplest to more complex ones.

Ball Piercing

One of the essential ingredients of a good shot. This technique will help you make strokes of desired intensity. The section provides a clear and easy-to-understand explanation of this important technique.

Ball Rolling

One of the essential ingredients of a good shot. You will learn to position the cue ball to a desired place on the table, take control over the cue speed and make an accurate rectilinear stroke.

“Gates” Exercise

The exercise will teach you to make a rectilinear stroke in a very short time.

Pocket Narrowing

The exercise will teach you to make use of pocket size while making a stroke. Now you‘ll find it easy to position the cue ball to a desired place on the table. Several variants of the exercise are demonstrated in the section.


A crucial element of the game. Once you’ve acquired this skill you are sure to become a champion! Pro players devote most of their training time on practicing cutting techniques. Numerous variants of this technique with exercises are demonstrated in this section.

Rail Balls

Object balls are often situated close to a rail or sometimes even touch it. Learn to pocket such balls! Besides different drill variants introduced here the section tells about some nuances that every player should know.


Use every chance that the cue ball can give! Learn to understand the nature of spins and to make them accurately. The drill exercises presented in this section will teach you to hit the right point on the ball to make a successful spin.

“Squares” Exercise

The most important thing in billiards is to understand balls’ behavior and to have control over the cue ball. This unique exercise will teach you that. After several classes you’ll understand how ignorant you were before and how easy it is now to play the billiards! This is probably the core exercise even for pros! Never before has it been so easy to learn to understand balls’ behavior as with this unique exercise!

Tactical Skills Development

Once you’ve studied this section you’ll have hundreds and thousands of exercises in hand! You won’t need to look for them — this section will give them to you!

Psychological Training

You have to control your emotions in billiards. If you don’t you won’t be able to make an accurate shot and will definitely lose. Win yourself and you won’t have equals at billiards table! The section will tell you what psychological training is about and how to train yourself to become a strong and confident player.

About the Author

Vladimir Belko is an international pyramid referee.

He refereed Russian and Belarusian championships, major international tournaments, 2000-2001 World Pyramid Championships, etc.

He also worked as Secretary of the Belarusian Billiards Association and Secretary of the Chief referee panel of the International Pyramid Committee, and co-authored numerous instructional videos and learning books.

For Players

Do you play billiards and lose every time you meet your friends at billiards table?

Then this application is for you! Plan your training with our application and in a very short time your friends will be amazed at your play.

Are you an advanced player?

If so, are you sure that your training is planned effectively enough to let you use the most of your potential? School of Billiards will tell you some training secrets used by professional players. We are sure that some of our exercises will help you improve your game.

Have you decided to learn to play pool?

In this case our application can be your only instructor that will help you focus on key techniques of billiards and make a quick progress in short time.

Are you billiards instructor or coach?

If so, you will definitely find this application useful while working with both starters and advanced players. It provides a ready-to-use method for training and instruction.


Billiards is a fascinating world where you come once and stay there forever!

Good luck in your training!

And remember...


Drill to Win!


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